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CDC ICM Special Activities

Since 2014 CDC has organized CDC-ICM special activities to strengthen Mathematics in the Developing World. 

Below you find further information.

  • ICM Seoul (2014)
  • ICM Rio (2018)
  • ICM virtually (2022)

ICM 2022

Online International Cooperation in Mathematics: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries was a panel hosted by the IMU Commissions for Developing Countries (CDC) at the 2022 virtual International Congress for Mathematicians.

The panel session hosted 8 speakers from organizations and institutions across the continents, such as those that work on increasing capacities within developing countries, those focusing on education and gender within mathematics, as well as institutions from the developing regions themselves.


Carlos E. Kenig, IMU President

Panellists and the represented organizations:

  • Olga Gil Medrano, IMU Commission for Developing Countries (IMU-CDC) - Presentation
  • Anjum Halai, International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)
  • Marie Françoise Roy, IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics (IMU-CWM)
  • Christophe Ritzenhaler, Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA) 
  • Claudio Arezzo, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
  • Mama Foupouagnigni, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Global Network (AIMS)
  • Guillermo Cortiñas, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Edy Tri Baskoro, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

Full Abstract Booklet

The panel discussion has been uploaded to the IMU Youtube Channel and can be viewed anytime.

ICM 2018

CDC Panel Discussion and Poster Session


Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 12.23.38.pngThe Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)  organized a panel discussion and poster session on Strengthening Mathematics in the Developing World on Tuesday August 7, 2018 from 6 pm – 8 pm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the ICM 2018.   





18:00-19:15 Panel Discussion

The panel composition and structure as approved by the Local Organizing Committee of the ICM was:

Moderator:  IMU CDC (Angel Pineda)


  • IMU-CDC President (Wandera Ogana): Presenting IMU (CDC, ICMI, CEIC) Activities
  • IMU-CWM Chair (Marie-Françoise Roy): Presenting CWM Activities
  • Representative from Simons Foundation (Yuri Tschinkel): Funding Agency’s Perspective
  • Representative from Brazilian Mathematical Community (Paolo Piccione, President of the Brazilian Mathematical Society): Brazilian Activities
  • President of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (Jose Maria Balmaceda): Activities in Asia (will be asked to speak also of India & Central Asia)
  • President of the African Mathematical Union (Nouzha El Yacoubi): Activities in Africa
  • Secretary of UMALCA (Alejandro Jofre): Activities in Latin America

Here you can find the slides of the presentations during the panel session.


The goal of the panel was to share information about mathematical development activities with mathematicians at the ICM and to serve as a catalyst for interactions between mathematicians, organizations and funding agencies.


19:15-20:00 Poster Session

After the panel discussion a poster session was held at which panelists and approx. 20 different organizations and institutions will present posters with more information about their development efforts and organizations.

The poster session was about 45 minutes long immediately following the panel discussion in large open area next to room 101 D. The goal of the poster session was to share information about mathematical development activities with mathematicians at the ICM and to serve as a catalyst for interactions between mathematicians, organizations and funding agencies, similar to the MENAO activities in Seoul in 2014.


The following organisations and institutions have participated in the poster session:


Here you find a list of other institutions which cooperate with IMU-CDC.


CDC report 2014.jpgPictures from MENAO 2014


Subcommittee for the CDC Panel and Poster Session at the ICM 2018:

Angel Pineda (Chair)
Polly Sy
Mama Foupouagnigni
Lena Koch


Here you can find a video about Strengthening Mathematics in the Developing World which was created during the ICM with some participants (Polly Sy, Nouzha El Yacoubi, Wandera Ogana and Angel Pineda) of the CDC Panel.

ICM 2014 (MENAO)

MENAO 2In 2014, the IMU held a day-long symposium prior to the opening of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), entitled Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities (MENAO). Approximately 260 participants from around the world, including representatives of embassies, scientific institutions, private business and foundations attended this session. Attendees heard inspiring stories of individual mathematicians and specific developing nations.

To watch all lectures click here

To read the result booklet click here