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Co-Sponsorship of an Event

In its effort to support and encourage quality research in the history of mathematics, the ICHM co-sponsors events of high intellectual caliber. For a sense of the kinds of events that have received ICHM co-sponsorship, see the various reports posted under "Event Reports" on the "Activity Reports" page.

If you would like the ICHM to consider your event for co-sponsorship, please send your proposal to the ICHM Chair or Secretary. Proposals will be evaluated by the Executive Committee (EC) of the ICHM at the first e-meeting (meeting by email) following receipt of the proposal. Please note that the EC conducts e-meetings in March, June, September and December. Proposals should include the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the organizer(s), a brief description of the venue, a brief description of the meeting/session, proposed speakers and their affiliations, and titles and abstracts of talks, if available.

While ICHM co-sponsorship does not ordinarily involve financial support, application may be made for limited funding in some cases. In order for a conference to receive ICHM funding, the following criteria should be satisfied:

1. The conference should involve participants from more than one country and/or early-career scholars from a developing country or countries experiencing economic difficulties.

2. A budget for the conference should accompany the application for funding.

3. The conference should involve younger scholars, and/or retired people, and/or unaffiliated scholars, and/or grad students and it should be understood that the primary purpose of ICHM support is to defray costs associated with these individuals. These could include travel, accommodation, a hospitality reception for graduate students, and any other costs that can be reasonably said to reduce the financial burden on the designated groups.

4. Although funding will be made available to conferences in all countries, priority will be given to conferences held in developing countries or countries experiencing economic difficulties.

5. Repeat applications will not normally be funded, except in special cases. A conference devoted to the presentation of research by graduate students might be an example of such an exception.

6. Within three months of the completion of the conference, the organizers should submit a report to the Secretary of the ICHM, giving a description of the conference and how the funds provided by the ICHM were used.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact either the ICHM Chair - June Barrow-Green at or the ICHM Secretary at