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CWM Committee Members

From 1 January 2023 till 31 december 2026


CWM Terms of Reference

To promote international contacts between national and regional organizations for women in mathematical sciences;

  • To maintain up-to-date content on the Women in Mathematics part of the IMU website and, with appropriate assistance from the IMU, to ensure its technical development;
  • To consider how best to facilitate electronic communications among the community of women mathematicians internationally;
  • To work with groups, committees and commissions of IMU on topics pertaining to women mathematicians and their representation;
  • To publicise, and where needed to suggest, working practices that ensure equal opportunities for women mathematicians in universities and research institutions, for example appropriate funding arrangements, family friendly policies and facilities;
  • To report annually to the IMU Executive Committee, and to the IMU General Assembly, and to propose actions that would foster equal treatment of women in the mathematical community and lead to an increase in the representation of women in mathematics at all levels.

Members of the CWM are appointed four years coinciding with the EC terms, and membership should be widely distributed geographically. The CWM has a chair and a vice-chair and 6-8 members-at-large. One of the CWM members is responsible for the CWM website and electronic communication. The IMU-EC appoints an EC-CWM liaison (observer), who should be present at all committee meetings. The CWM should meet at least once a year, preferably by videoconference.

Committee Meetings

CWM was approved by the IMU Executive Committee in March 2015 and renewed in January 2019.

CWM 2019-2022 had its first meeting in ICTP Italy in November 2019. A virtual meeting took place in October 2020 and a second one in January 2022.

CWM 2015-2018 had had its first meeting in Cortona, Italy in September 2015; a detailed report can be found here. The second meeting was in Berlin, July 2016 and the third in Berlin in May 2017.

Past Committees

The first CWM committee was appointed by the IMU EC in March 2015. The term of membership is four years, coinciding with the term of the EC, with possible renewal for a further four.

CWM members from 1january 2019 to 31 december 2022

CWM collaborators from 1january 2019 to 31 december 2022

  • Julia Pevtsova, University of Washington  (l(WM)² 2022 organizing committee)
  • Betul Tanbay, Bogazici University, Turkey (link with International Day of Mathematics)
  • Sandra Kingan, Brooklyn College (CWM twitter acccount)

CWM members from march 2015 till 31 december 2018

CWM associate members from march 2015 till 31 december 2018