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ICM Videos

The International Mathematical Union is offering videos that were recorded at the International Congresses of Mathematicians in 1998, 2002, and 2006. IMU is grateful to the organizing committees of these ICMs for donating the videos to IMU and allowing IMU to place them on the Internet. IMU maintains the copyright of the videos but gives everyone interested the permission to download and show the videos. IMU just modestly requests to mention where these videos come from.

    At ICM 1998 in Berlin the first attempt at an International Congress of Mathematicians was made to record the opening ceremony, plenary lectures, and other major events on video. The videos were archived in a format that is "gone" in the meantime, but they could be recovered and transformed to the current video standard "flash". The videos are not "great", but some of them are undoubtedly of long term historic interest (e. g., see Andrew Wiles' lecture on Fermat's problem).

    Video recording became more professional at ICM 2002 in Beijing, where also most of the major events and lectures were videotaped (though a couple of lectures were missed due to some technical reasons). Further video recording improvement was visible at ICM 2006 in Madrid, but the mathematical community may still have to learn how to "shoot" better videos of such events (subject to a very limited budget). The ICM 2010 organization in Hyderabad has continued this "video tradition" and recorded the opening ceremony and the plenary lectures.