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ICMI EC 2021-2024

Frederick K. S. Leung, President

Frederick K.S. Leung, PresidentFrederick K. S. Leung is an endowed professor, the Kintoy Professor in Mathematics Education at the The University of Hong Kong, SAR, China and has served as a member at large of the ICMI Executive Committee between 2003 and 2009. His research area has been comparative studies in mathematics education, and the influence of culture (and in particular the East Asian culture) on mathematics teaching and learning. Frederik Leung is the recipient of the 2013 Hans Freudenthal Medal.

Jean-Luc Dorier, Secretary General

Jean-Luc Dorier, Secretary General Jean-Luc Dorier has been a researcher in Didactique des mathématiques for more than 30 years and has served the ICMI EC as a member-at-large since 2013. His affiliation with ICMI goes back to 1997 when he became a member of the IPC of ICMI Study 10 on The Role of the History of Mathematics in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics. Jean-Luc Dorier is Professeur ordinaire de didactique des mathématiques Universityof Geneva –Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Switzerland.

Merrilyn Goos, Vice President

Merrilyn Goos is Professor of Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia). Before  taking up this  position she was Professor of  STEM Education and Director of EPI*STEM, the National Centre for STEM Education, at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Prior to this she worked for 25 years at The University of Queensland, Australia, in a range of academic roles including Head of the School of Education and Director of the University’s Teaching and Educational Development Institute, working with all Faculties and disciplines to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the University. She has already served as ICMI Vice-President since 2017 and now serves a second term. Her involvement in ICMI goes back to 1996.

Anjum Halai, Vice President

Anjum Halai, Vice PresidentAnjum Halai is a highly experienced international educationist focusing on mathematics education and research in the context of low-income countries. Her research interests are in issues of social justice in education due to marginalization on the basis of language, gender, conflict or other forms of exclusion. In September 2014, she led the ICMI’s Fourth Capacity and Network Project (CANP4) held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. She is Professor & Vice Provost at the Aga Khan University in Karachim Pakistan. Prof Halai serves as ICMI EC Vice-President.


Marta Civil (USA)

Marta Civil (USA), Executive MemberProfessor of Mathematics Education and the Roy F. Graesser Chair in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Arizona, USA. Her research focuses on cultural, social, and language aspects in the teaching and learning of mathematics; participation in the mathematics classroom; connections between in-school and out-of-school mathematics; and parental engagement in mathematics. She has led multiple projects working with children, parents, and teachers, primarily in immigrant communities in Arizona. She has participated in 6 ICMES starting with ICME-7 in Québec in 1992. She currently serves on the IPC for ICME-14.

Patricio Felmer (Chile)

Patricio Felmer (Chile), Executive MemberPatricio Felmer obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in the USA and dedicated the first part of his academic life to mathematical research, making contributions to Hamiltonian systems and partial differential equations. In a second part he has collaborated in the improvement of education in Chile. He founded the ARPA Initiative, a teacher professional development program, whose purpose is to incorporate Problem Solving in Chilean classrooms. Patricio Felmer is a member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences an he was awarded the TWAS-ROLAC Prize in Scientific Education, the TWAS Prize in Mathematics and the National Prize in Exact Sciences of Chile.

Mercy Kazima (Malawi)

Mercy Karzima (Malawi), Executive MemberProfessor of Mathematics Education and former Dean of Education at the University of Malawi. She works in teacher education towards improving quality of mathematics education in Malawi. In the last two decades she has worked across all education levels; primary, secondary, and teacher education. Her work has contributed to mathematics teacher education curriculum review in Malawi. Mercy’s research interests are in the areas of mathematical knowledge for teaching, teaching and learning mathematics in multilingual contexts, and mathematics teacher education. She has led successful international research projects in mathematics education. She served as president of the Southern Africa Association for Research in Mathematics Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE), and she has served ICMI as a member of programme committee for ICME 12, and ICMI study 21. She brings to ICMI her experience of working in low income and multilingual contexts, and international collaborations.

Núria Planas (Spain)

Núria Planas (Spain), Executive MemberProfessor of Mathematics Education and Head of the Division of Mathematics Education of the School of Education at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in Catalonia, Spain. Until December 2020, Núria was Honourary Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of South Africa in Pretoria for two consecutive terms. After obtaining her Degree in Pure Mathematics at University of Barcelona (UB) and before joining UAB as a teacher educator and a researcher, she taught mathematics in secondary school classrooms. In this way, Núria became interested in the language of schooling, in pedagogies for multilingual mathematics learning, in institutional obstacles to social justice and equity, and in the double marginalization of working-class learners with recent stories of immigration. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Spanish Journal of Research in Mathematics Education (AIEM). She has written numerous journal articles and book chapters, and has co-edited book volumes on sociocultural and political issues of classroom research on mathematics, language and language diversity.

Susanne Prediger (Germany)

Professor at TU Dortmund University since 2006 and Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, Berlin, since 2021. After a PhD in mathematics in 1996, she specialized in secondary mathematics education research and professional development research for mathematics teachers, with a focus on increasing equitable access to conceptual mathematics for all students. Since 2017, she is vice-director of the German National Center for Mathematics Teacher Education. She is associate editor of Educational Studies in Mathematics and editorial board member of ZDM – Mathematics Education. She participated in 4 ICMEs since 2004 and was IPC member of ICME 2016.

Ex-officio members

Immediate Past President of ICMI- Jill Adler, South Africa
IMU President- Hiraku Nakajima Japan (2023-2024)
IMU Secretary General- Christoph Sorger, France (2023-2024)

IMU President- Carlos Kenig, USA (2021-2022)
IMU Secretary General- Helge Holden, Norway (2021-2022)

ICMI liaison persons from IMU

Elected by IMU EC:
Paolo Piccione, Brazil (IMU EC)