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National Outreach Activities

Mathematical outreach activities are essential to convey the importance of mathematics to the general public and to stimulate the interest among children and the young.

This page contains a collection of links that were provided by the IMU member countries. The links point to webpages where the AOs present national activities regarding mathematical outreach and popularization. These national webpages* are made up in English or in the local language(s).

The number of national webpages per IMU member country is restricted to one link per country, but we understand that local conditions may make that difficult. Thus a small number of links per country is accepted. You are invited to send links which prominently feature outreach efforts.

Please send the link to your national webpage related to mathematical outreach, or any update, to When you send us the link of your national webpage(s) you give the IMU the permission to publish the link(s) on the IMU website.

* Each AO or the external provider is responsible for the contents of external links published on the IMU website. The AOs are responsible for keeping the links up to date.

The collection of links