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Portrait Gallery

Once you start collecting photos of women mathematicians, you realise just how many there are. Looking across the generations, how striking it is to see how women have overcome the multitude of obstacles placed in their paths, each with achievements which in their time were extraordinary. Among our own generation, probably the first in which women have been able to study and hold positions truly without barriers, we find a baroness, some chevalières and some dames, members of scientific academies and winners of prestigious awards, and above all, so many women who have achieved `firsts’. As time moves onwards, how much more will women mathematicians be able to achieve!

Many more  pictures of female mathematicians can be found in the Oberwolfach photo collection. There are many other pictures in the Agnes Scott College Women in Maths collection here, on the St Andrews MacTutor history of Maths website here, and on the wikipedia women in math webpages here. If you would like to submit a photo for our collection, please see the instructions here.

Here are some female mathematicians, chosen somewhat at random. Click on the Picture to see more details and links to websites with more information.