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Proceedings of ICME-14

The publication of the Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education is delayed due to force majeure factors, including Covid-19. It is estimated to be published within 2023.
On behalf of the ICME-14 Local Organizing Committee, ICMI is uploading the Proceedings on this webpage gradually for reference only before its official publication. It should be noted that both the content and the format of the Proceedings will be changed by the time of the official publication. The current page numbers do not represent the continuous page numbers of the final Proceedings.
Any suggestions and comments on the pre-print Proceedings from IPC members, editorial board members and authors are welcome. Please send an email to

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Lectures of Awardees
Plenary Lectures and Plenary Panels
Survey Teams
Topic Study Groups
Invited Lectures


Lectures of Awardees

Lecture of Awardee
Understanding the Power of Teaching and Its Role (in) Justice
Deborah Ball

Lecture of Awardee
The Interplay between Construction of Knowledge by Individuals and Collective Mathematical Progress in Inquiry-Oriented Classrooms
Tommy Dreyfus

Lecture of Awardee
From Thinking in Action to Mathematical Models
— A View from Developmental Psychology

Terezinha Nunes

Lecture of Awardee
Developing the Research Programme on History of Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Gert Schubring

Lecture of Awardee
Advocating for High Quality Mathematical Access for Each and Every Child: Our Collective Work, Our Passion, and Our Future

Trena Wilkerson


Plenary Lectures and Plenary Panels

Plenary Lecture 1
Mathematics in the Society

Cédric Villani

Plenary Lecture 2
Forty-five Years: An Experiment on Mathematics Teaching Reform

Lingyuan Gu

Plenary Lecture 3
Equity in Mathematics: What Does It Mean? What Might It Look Like?

Robyn Jorgensen

Plenary Lecture 4
Mathematical Work of Teaching in Multilingual Context

Mercy Kazima


Plenary Panel 1
Actors for Math Teacher Education: Joint Actions versus Conflicts

Frédéric Gourdeau, Despina Potari, Chunxia Qi, Angel Ruiz and Mikhail Sluch

Plenary Panel 2
Mathematics Education Reform post 2020: Conversations towards Building Back better

Mellony Graven, Marcelo Borba, Eva Jablonka, Danny Bernard Martin and K. (Ravi) Subramaniam


Plenary Panel 3
Pandemic Times: Challenges, Responsibilities and Roles for Mathematics and Mathematics Education Communities

Michèle. Artigue, Ingrid Daubechies, Timothy Gowers, Nelly León Gómez , Jean Lubuma and David Wagner

Survey Teams

Survey Team 1
Research in University Mathematics Education

Marianna Bosch, Reinhard Hochmuth, Oh Nam Kwon, Birgit Loch, Chris Rasmussen, Mike O. J. Thomas, and Maria Trigueros

Survey Team 2
A Survey of Recent Research on Early Childhood Mathematics Education

Iliada Elia, Anna E. Baccaglini-Frank, Esther Levenson, Nanae Matsuo, and Nosisi Feza

Survey Team 3
Teachers’ Collective Work as Regular School Practice for Teacher Professional Development and Learning

Birgit Pepin, Zeger-jan Kock, Hiro Ninomiya, Yudong Yang, Bill Atweh, Gerard Sensevy, and Jehad Alshwaikh

Survey Team 4
Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling in Mathematics Education Including Relations to the Real World and STEM1

Gloria Ann Stillman, Toshikazu Ikeda, Stanislaw Schukajlow, Jussara de Loiola Araújo, and Jonas B. Ärlebäck


Topic Study Groups

Topic Study Group 1
Mathematics Education at Preschool Level

Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Angelika Kullberg, Ineta Helmane, and Xin Zhou

Topic Study Group 2
Mathematics Education at Tertiary Level

G. Gueudet and I. Biza

Topic Study Group 3
Mathematics Education for Gifted Students

Florence Mihaela Singer, Joseph Li, and Viktor Freiman

Topic Study Group 4
Mathematics Education for Students with Special Needs

Michelle Stephan, Yan Ping Xin, Anette Bagger, and Juuso Nieminen

Topic Study Group 5
Teaching and Learning of Number and Arithmetic

Andrea Peter-Koop, Arthur Powell, and Rui Ding

Topic Study Group 6
Teaching and Learning of Algebra at Primary Level

Jodie Hunter, Doris Jeannotte, Eric Knuth, Ann Gervasoni, and Xiaoyan Zhao

Topic Study Group 7
Teaching and Learning of Algebra at the Secondary Level

Boon Liang Chua

Topic Study Group 8
Teaching and Learning of Geometry at Primary Level

Nathalie Sinclair, Michael Battista, Eszter Herendiné-Kónya, Haiyue Jin, and Jesús Victoria Flores Salazar

Topic Study Group 9
Teaching and Learning of Geometry at Secondary Level

Keith Jones, Matthias Ludwig, Liping Ding, Joris Mithalal, and Yiling Yao

Topic Study Group 10
Teaching and Learning of Measurement

Christine Chambris, Richard Lehrer, Florent Gbaguidi and Yuquan Wang

Topic Study Group 11
Teaching and Learning of Probability

Emesta Sánchez, Sibel Kazak and Egan J. Chernoff

Topic Study Group 12
The Teaching and Learning of Statistics

Enriqueta Reston, Andreas Eichler, Leandro de Oliveira Souza, Gail Burrill, Qian Chen

Topic Study Group 13
Teaching and Learning of Calculus

David Bressoud, Kristina Juter, Elizabeth Montoya,Armando Cuevas, and Xuefen Gao

Topic Study Group 14
Teaching and Learning of Programming and Algorithms

Chantal Buteau, Maryna Rafalska, Xuemei Chen, and Bakhyt Matkarimov

Topic Study Group 15
Teaching and Learning of Discrete Mathematics

Elise Lockwood, Cecile Ouvrier-Buffet, Ambat Vijayakumar, Mariana Durcheva,  and Ha Ren

Topic Study Group 16
Reasoning, Argumentation and Proof in Mathematics Education

Viviane Durand-Guerrier,Samuele Antonini, Kotaro Komatsu,Nadia Azrou and Chao Zhou

Topic Study Group 17
Problem Posing and Solving in Mathematics Education

Tin-Lam Toh, Manuel Santos-Trigo, Puay Huat Chua, Nor Azura Abdullah, and Dan Zhang

Topic Study Group 18
Students’ Identity, Motivation, and Attitudes towards Mathematics and Its Study

Maike Vollstedt, Masitah Shahrill, Karin Brodie, Donglin Chen, and Bozena Maj-Tatsis

Topic Study Group 19
Mathematical Literacy, Numeracy and Competency in Mathematics Education

Sarah Bansilal, Ratu Ilma Indira Putri, Vince Geiger, Bo Zhang, and Kathy O’Sullivan

Topic Study Group 20
Learning and Cognition in Mathematics (Including the Learning Sciences)

G. Williams, P. Dartnell and Wenjuan Li

Topic Study Group 21
Neuroscience and Mathematics Education / Cognitive Science

Inge Schwank and Mary-Line Gardes

Topic Study Group 22
Mathematical Applications and Modelling in Mathematics Education

G. Greefrath and S. Carreira

Topic Study Group 23
Visualization in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Cristina Sabena, Marc Schäfer, Marei Fetzer, Hui-Yu Hsu, and Zhiqiang Yuan

Topic Study Group 24
The Role and the Use of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Primary Level

Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin and George Gadanidis

Topic Study Group 25
The Role and the Use of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Lower Secondary Level

Morten Misfeldt, Hans-Stefan Siller, Mariam Haspekian, Arthur Lee4, and Mailizar Mailizar

Topic Study Group 26
The Role and the Use of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Upper Secondary Level

Ornella Robutti, Gilles Aldon, Mario Sánchez Aguilar, Verônica Gitirana, Jinyu Zhang

Topic Study Group 27
The Role of History of Mathematics in Education

Ysette Weiss and Desiree Agterberg

Topic Study Group 28
Preservice Mathematical Teacher Education at Primary Level

Salvador Llinares, Craig Willey, Hui Jiang, Rukiye Didem Taylan, and Ban Heng Choy

Topic Study Group 29
Preservice Mathematical Teacher Education at Secondary Level

Olive Chapman, Jing Cheng, Tracy Helliwell, Benita Nel, and Immaculate Kizito Namukasa

Topic Study Group 30
In-Service Mathematical Teacher Education and Mathematical Teacher Professional Development at Primary Level

Yeping Li, Leonor Santos, Munira Amirali, Xingfeng Huang, Masakazu Okazaki

Topic Study Group 31
In-Service Mathematical Teacher Education and Mathematical Teacher Professional Development at Secondary Level

Konrad Krainer, Betina Duarte, Talli Nachlieli, Craig Pournara, and Youchu Huang

Topic Study Group 32
Knowledge in/for Teaching Mathematics at Primary Level

Stéphane Clivaz, Kam Ling Lao, Janne Fauskanger, and Verónica Martín-Molina

Topic Study Group 33
Knowledge in/for Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level

Nils Buchholtz, Miguel Ribeiro, Miroslawa Sajka, Qiaoping Zhang, Thorsten Scheiner

Topic Study Group 34
Affect, Beliefs, and Identity of Mathematics Teachers

Francesca. Morselli, Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim, Narumon Changsri , Forster Ntow, Shengying Xie

Topic Study Group 35
TSG-35: Knowledge and Practice of Mathematics Teacher Educator

Maria Giuseppina Bartolini Bussi, Paola Sztajn, Nada Vondrová, Ruchi Kumar, India Chi-Tai Chu,

Topic Study Group 36
Research on Classroom Practice at Primary Level

Shuhua An, Birgit Brandt , Benedetto Di Paola, Jiushi Zhou

Topic Study Group 37
Research on Classroom Practice at Secondary Level

Yoshinori Shimizu,Carmel Mesiti,Jarmila Robova, Li Tong

Topic Study Group 38
Task Design and Analysis

Minoru Ohtani, Michiel Doorman, Berta Barquero, Heather Johnson, Xuhua Sun

Topic Study Group 39
Language and Communication in Mathematics Classroom

Marcus Schütte, Jenni Ingram, Tran Vui, Maíre Ní Riordáin, Fengjuan Hu

Topic Study Group 40
Research and Development on Mathematics Curriculum

Masataka Koyama, Jeremy Hodgen

Topic Study Group 41
Research and Development on Textbooks and Resources for Learning and Teaching Mathematics

Sebastian Rezat, Jana Visnovska, Guorui Yan, Moneoang Leshota, Hussein Sabra

Topic Study Group 42
Research and Development in Assessment in Mathematics Education

Abid Sohail, Caroline Long

Topic Study Group 43
Research and Development in Testing (National and International) in Mathematics Education

Ivan Vysotskiy, Julia Tyurina, Anastasiia Demchenckova

Topic Study Group 44
Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Education

Carl Winsløw, Rita Borromeo Ferri, Nicholas Mousoulides, and Avenilde Romo-Vasquez

Topic Study Group 45
Mathematics for Non-specialist/Mathematics as a Service Subject at Tertiary Level

Burkhard Alpers, Mitsuru Kawazoe

Topic Study Group 46
Mathematical Competitions and Other Challenging Activities

Boris Koichu, Peter Taylor, Sergey Dorichenko, Ingrid Semanišinová
Yijun Yao

Topic Study Group 47
Mathematics Education in a Multilingual Enviroment

Eva Norén, Anthony Essien, Alexander Schüler-Meyer, Nancy Chitera, Mun Yee Lai

Topic Study Group 48
Mathematics in a Multicultural Environment

Florence Glanfield, Anthony Fernandes, Qin Jing, Peter Kajoro,

Topic Study Group 49
Distance Learning, E-learning and Blended Learning of Mathematics

Marcelo Bairral, Tracey Muir, and Veronica Hoyos

Topic Study Group 50
Mathematics Education in and for Work; Continuous Mathematics Education Including Adult Education

Lisa Björklund Boistrup, Geoffrey Wake

Topic Study Group 51
Mathematics Education for Ethnic Minorities

Lianchun Dong

Topic Study Group 52

Gelsa Knijnik, Marcos Cherinda, Arindam Bose, Cynthia Nicol, Aihui Peng

Topic Study Group 53
Equity in Mathematics Education

Jayasree Subramanian, Darinka Radovic, Constantinos Xenofontos, Changgan Pei

Topic Study Group 54
Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematic Education

Paola Valero, Kate le Roux, Andrew Brantlinger, Murad Jurdak, Xuhui Li

Topic Study Group 55
The History of the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Alexander Karp

Topic Study Group 56
Philosophy of Mathematics Education

Bronislaw Czarnocha, Maria Bicudo, Paul Ernest

Topic Study Group 57
Diversity of Theories in Mathematics Education

Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Ivy Kidron, Erika Bullock, Yusuke Shinno, Qinqiong Zhang

Topic Study Group 58
Empirical Methods and Methodologies in Mathematics Education

Christine Knipping, Soo Jin Lee

Topic Study Group 59
Mathematics and Creativity

Chronis Kynigos, Roza Leikin,Torsten Fritzlar, Theodosia Prodromou, Hongyu Su,

Topic Study Group 60
Semiotics in Mathematics Education

Ricardo Nemirovsky, Christina Krause, Suanrong Chen, Francesca Ferrara, Kazuya Kageyama,

Topic Study Group 61
International Cooperation in Mathematics Education

Ui Hock Cheah, Masami Isoda, Arne Jakobsen, Bernadette Denys Jiwei Han

Topic Study Group 62
TSG-62: Popularization of Mathematics

Christian Mercat

Plenary Lectures (Videos)

Plenary Lecture 1: Cédric VILLANI (France) to be added
Plenary Lecture 2: Lingyuan GU (China) to be added
Plenary Lecture 3: Robyn JORGENSEN (Australia) to be added
Plenary Lecture 4: Mercy KAZIMA (Malawi)                  to be added


Invited Lecturers

Takuya BABA (Japan) pdf
Nicolas BALACHEFF (France) pdf
Richard BARWELL (Canada) pdf
Robert Q. BERRY III (USA) pdf
Kim BESWICK (Australia)
Jill BROWN (Australia) pdf
Yiming CAO (China) pdf
Cheng Meng CHEW (Malaysia) pdf
Anna CHRONAKI (Sweden, Greece)
Alison CLARK-WILSON (UK) pdf
Pietro Di Martino (Italy) pdf
Jaguthsing DINDYAL (Singapore) pdf
Lianghuo FAN (China) pdf
Ahmad FAUZAN (Indonesia) pdf
Patricio FELMER (Chile)
Claudia Regina FLORES (Brazil) pdf
Keiko HINO (Japan) pdf
Rongjin HUANG (USA) pdf
Roberta HUNTER (New Zealand)
Chunlian JIANG (Macau SAR,   China)
Houssam KASTI (Lebanon) pdf
Tinne Hoff KJELDSEN (Denmark) pdf
Rahim KOUKI (Tunisia)
Oleksandr KRYZHANOVSKIY (Ukraine) pdf
Ladislav KVASZ (Czech)
Ngan Hoe LEE (Singapore) pdf
Shuk-kwan LEUNG (Chinese Taipei)
Zhongru LI (China) pdf
Jun LI (China) pdf
Di LIU (China) pdf
Po-Hung LIU (Chinese Taipei) pdf
Rachel LUI (Hong Kong SAR, China) pdf
Fernand MALONGA MOUNGABIO   (Congo-Brazzaville)
Mirko MARACCI (Italy) pdf
Salomé MARTÍNEZ (Chile) pdf
Vilma MESA (USA) pdf
Marguerite Khakasa MIHESO-O'CONNOr   (Kenya) pdf
Reidar MOSVOLD (Norway) pdf
Chi Thanh NGUYEN (Vietnam)
Núria PLANAS (Spain) pdf
Susanne PREDIGER (Germany) pdf
Jerome PROULX (Canada)
Ana Isabel SACRISTÁN (Mexico) pdf
Veronica SARUNGI (Tanzania) pdf
Björn SCHWARZ (Germany) pdf
Baruch B. SCHWARZ (Israel) pdf
Dafon Aimé SEGLA (Benin)
Ahmed SEMRI (Algeria)
Hyun Yong SHIN (Korea) pdf
Moustapha SOKHNA (Senegal)
Sophie SOURY-LAVERGNE (France) pdf
Marilyn STRUTCHENS (USA) pdf
Francis Edward SU (USA) pdf
Konstantinos TATSIS (Greece) pdf
Alphonse UWORWABAYEHO (Rwanda) pdf
Hamsa VENKAT (South Africa) pdf
Debbie Marie B. VERZOSA   (Philippines) pdf
Mónica E. VILLARREAL   (Argentina) pdf
Bin XIONG (China) pdf
Xinrong YANG (China)
Michal YERUSHALMY (Israel) pdf
Zulkardi ZULKARDI (Indonesia) pdf