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Engaging Maths

Engaging Maths
Engaging Maths

An educational blog from Catherine Attard (University of Western Sydney & Editor of AAMT's Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom journal) with lists her top 10 maths apps, entries like "If you like the teacher, you'll 'get' maths more": Students talk about good mathematics teachers" and "Mathematics, technology, and 21st Century learners: How much technology is too much?".

Connecting mathematical worlds

suggested site: Klein Project Blog

The Klein Project aims to build a community for learning about the connections between school mathematics and contemporary research in the mathematical sciences. One vehicle for this is a “Klein vignette”, a short piece of writing about a particular piece of mathematics.

Vignettes are intended to give teachers a sense of connectedness between the mathematics of the teachers’ world and contemporary research and applications in the mathematical sciences. Thus it will start with something with which the teacher is familiar and move towards a greater understanding of the subject through a piece of interesting mathematics. It will ultimately illustrate a key principle of mathematics.



VISMATHVISMATH (VM) is the electronic quarterly, published by the Mathematical Institute, Belgrade, Serbia. The journal is reviewed by Mathematical ReviewsZentralblatt für Mathematik, and some other journals. The Editor of VISMATH is Slavik Jablan. VISMATH is dedicated to visual mathematics.

Papers in this journal include:

Basketry, Geometry and Symmetry in Africa and Americas

Geometrical aspects of Bora basketry in the Peruvian Amazon

Geometry and Symmetry of Mavuku Baskets among the Makhuwa of Northeast Mozambique 

On Lunda-Designs and some of their Symmetries

Plaited Strip Patterns on Tonga Handbags in Inhambane (Mozambique) - an Update

Mathematics in sport

Suggested site: Teacher package: Mathematics in sport

This teacher package brings together all our articles that have to do with sport, from cricket to football and from the sport itself to sporting architecture and infrastructure. We have grouped our articles in the following categories:

The physics of sport
Sporting strategy
Architecture and infrastructure
Predicting results and sporting stats
Scoring and ranking
Betting and odds

Mathematics in sport

Mike de Villiers/Dynamic Math Learning

Suggested site: Mike de Villiers/Dynamic Math Learning (HomepageDynamic Geometry Sketches)

Michael de Villiers is presently professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaWebsite which deals mainly with mathematics and mathematics education aiming at secondary and primary school mathematics teaching and learning, although some aspects are relevant to undergraduate mathematics. The website is organized as follows: brief CV, publications for sale, Geometer's Sketchpad & other Key Curriculum Press materials, downloadable articles and materials, some (non-mathematical) poetry and prose, links to math sites, interactive dynamic geometry (Sketchpad & Cabri) worksheets

Keywords: dynamic geometry, Sketchpad, transformation geometry, Euclidean geometry, proof, math applications, math modeling, math Mike de Villiersinvestigations, Boolean Algebra, Logic, math software, videos, books, posters, manipulatives, puzzles, math problem solving, math competitions, Fermat point, Theorems of Viviani, Napoleon, Miquel, Simson, Neuberg, Van Aubel, Fathom, statistics, math duality, math education research, Van Hiele, etc.

Ask Dr Math

Suggested site: Ask Dr Math

Have a math question?

You can go to this page and ask your question. Maybe Dr Math is in and will be able to answer your question... Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers.

In the meantime you can see the list of the most frequently asked questions in this Dr Math FAQ, or read some Selected answers to common questions.

DR math

Suggested site:

Watch the talks "Changing the Culture of Homework" and "As Geometry is Lost - What Connections are Lost? What Reasoning is Lost? What Students are Lost? Does it Matter?"

Mathtube is a project of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) to make mathematical seminar and lecture materials easily available online. Since its creation in 1996, PIMS has collected and maintained an archive of videos and lecture notes covering many areas of the mathematical sciences. These materials represent a uniquely important resource and include contributions from some of the worlds most distinguished contemporary mathematicians, for example the PIMS distinguished lecturer series.mathtube

Babylonian Maths

Suggested site: Babylonian Maths - 4000 years ago, children in school were learning maths just as they do now.  But what maths did they learn and how did they learn it?  In this resource pack, Dr Eleanor Robson, shows us how we can find out about an ancient civilisation through the objects they left behind.

She demonstrates clay tablets on which Babylonian children worked at their multiplication tables - in base 60! Through the video clips and follow-up resources, we can find out how they did arithmetic and how they learnt their tables. Eleanor also demonstrates the difference between how we generally draw a triangle now and then, and how the Babylonian style of writing - cuneiform - relates to their triangles.


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