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Social Media and Videos

Facebook, Blogs and Twitters

Pages set up by Susanne Pumpluen and Lisa Mott of the University of Nottingham, with lots of photos and profiles. They have also made a collection of  Women in Maths videos on YouTube.

This is the personal blog of Izabella Laba, Professor of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, where she writes about mathematics, academia, gender, and more.

This blog, by Rachel Levy of Harvey Mudd College, aims to counter the implication that grannies (gender + maternity + age) might not easily pick up on technical/theoretical ideas. This blog collects  grandmothers’ pictures+names+connections to STEM.

This blog, written by  data scientist and journalist Cathy O’Neill, contains some interesting articles about items of interest about women and mathematics.

This Instagram feed (called 'For All'), created by Annie Raymond, contains inspiring quotes from women who are mathematicians and computer scientists---grad students, postdocs, lecturers and professors.

This forum discussion for online assessment in the COVID-era (and beyond) deals with the very pressing matter of how to do online assessment from a technical perspective? how to make it fair? how to grade it?


Watch videos of women in Australia doing great things in STEM here (in particular, Cheryl Praeger for mathematics).

From the Virtual HLF 2020 – Interview with Karen Uhlenbeck

From the Virtual HLF 2020 - Theorems and initiatives inspired by Maryam Mirzakhani

A promo video about EWM was made during the meeting in Novi Sad in 2009.  Women and Mathematics across Cultures is an earlier video about EWM made in 1996.